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Tanna Adventures, a Travel Experience


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Tanna Adventures - Map of Vanuatu showing Tanna Island


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

Tanna lies in the southern group of islands of Vanuatu, but has an identity, culture and landscape all of its own. Relatively undeveloped, Tanna offers travellers a unique insight into both its untouched tropical countryside, of lush bush, stunning views and massive banyan trees, as well as its rich village life, culture and 'kastom'. The people of Tanna are welcoming, interested in all who visit, and go out of their way to help travellers enjoy their island.


Tanna adventures-Coffee logo ...... Amazing Attractions.


Tanna Adventures - Coffee Logo ...... 'Man Tanna' - The People.

It is the most populated island in the south, having > 30,000 "Man-Tanna", and is distinctive as the population is spread evenly over the islands interior as well as the coastal strip (Most tropical islands have their population mainly concentrated along their coastal fringes). The centre has a mild climate and rich fertile volcanic soils, and is a major coffee growing region which is gaining a strong following internationally.

It is the people that you remember. The genuine friendliness of the people that are encountered along the way, together with the insights to their customs and beliefs, is truely memorable and refreshing.


Tanna Adventures -Coffe logo ...... A Cultural Experience.

Most tourist information or promotion recommends that you try a cultural or community tour. However, in the end why anyone would visit Vanuatu without wanting to be immersed in the culture, the way of life and the 'kastom', is inexplicable.

From the moment that you get off the plane in Tanna, you are living and breathing it. The entire travel experience provides you with memorable insights that you will want to return to experience again.


Essos Family in fron of the Restaraunt


Tanna Adventures -Coffe logo More About Tanna Island.

Further Descriptions about Tanna Island can be found at our Watt Travel Blog, along with an array of articles concerning Kastom, culture, volcanoes, weather and much more.


Be Amazed with Tanna Adventures.

Tanna is one of the "must see" islands of the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu. Let Tanna Adventures show you what is one of the most unique locations in the South Pacific, and allow you to step back into and admire another world.

Esso and Rachel outside their accommodation

Esso, Rachel and their family are well known and respected on Tanna, and their family feature in the highland region called Middlebush. Esso is an ' Island Tour' operator of many years experience and is conversant in most of the village languages on Tanna. He is entertaining and always provides an enjoyable travel experience, that you are unlikely to get anywhere else.

Their home and holiday accommodation (Nima) is situated on an escarpment with sweeping views over their tropical, black sand surf beach situated in front of an extensive coconut plantation. Mount Yasur Volcano can be seen in the background, standing out amongst the lush green tropical forest and bush.

Essos Car for Tanna adventures view of Mount Yasur fro Rachel and Essos Accommodation kendall at Essos waterfall







Tanna Island, Vanuatu - There is so much more ............

Sleeping Nima on the Middlebush escarpment
Tanna Adventures Logo for Travellers in Vanuatu

Tanna Adventures

- Accommodation.
- Restaurant.

Be the Guest in Tanna. Enjoy spacious Nima's (Bungalow's), with outstanding views over a fastastic panorama. Enjoy the island hospitality that only Rachel can bring. Revel in the amazing morning sunrises, island food and the great company that Esso, Rachel and their family provide.


let Tanna adventures take you on a Great Island tour or Inspired Walk on Tanna Island
Tanna Adventures Logo for travelling in Tanna

Tanna Adventures

- Great Tours.
- Inspiring Walks.

Be the Adventurer in Tanna. Enjoy a a selection of Great Island Tours and Inspired Walks that we have put together and recommend. These capture the essence of 'Tanna' and because they cater generally for between two(2) and four(4) persons, they are personalized to suit you, for your 'Tanna' experience.


let Tanna adventures take you on a tailor made tour or walk to suit you
Tanna Adventures Logo for travelling in Tanna

Tanna Adventures

- Stay & Do Trips
- Fully Inclusive.

Be the Traveller in Tanna. Enjoy a fantastic travel holiday tailored by Tanna Adventures to show you the essence of Tanna. Discover the diversity within this Island Paradise. Our Stay & Do Trip itineraries provide fully inclusive (except beverages) authentic experiences that can be booked directly through Vanuatu Traveller.


Your Tanna Island Experience ........

Vanuatu is an enigma, on the one hand those who are unfamiliar, classify it alongside Fiji, Tahiti or the Cook Islands, while others identify it with the Solomons and Papua New Guinea. In fact Vanuatu is none of these, and yet has elements of all and so much more.

For most travellers, Port Vila is the first and only port of call on their 'Island' holiday. This is a great shame as there is so much more. The different islands have distinct flavours and sides to them. In Tanna, one experiences the sight of huge Banyan, and other tropical rainforest trees which fill the skies, natural bush which is full of tree ferns rather than palms, waterfalls and all types of fruit and vegetable subsistence crops.

A notable feature of Tanna, is the experience of steping back in time, where little or no modern technology is present.

It is the people that come to mind after visting this tropical haven. The travel experience is made richer for those who immerse themselves with the people of Tanna (Man-Tanna). For 'Tourists' (as distinct from 'Travellers'), the experience is likely to be similar to any region in the world where tourists confine themselves to Resorts and Hotels. However, for 'Travellers', those who extend themselves a little further, the rewards are immense. The genuine friendliness of the people that are encountered along the way, together with the insights to their customs and beliefs, is truely memorable and refreshing.

For some great insights into Vanuatu and its people have a look at our Overview of Vanuatu at our Watt Travel Blog along with some great blog articles of topical interest about its attractions, culture, and communities.

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Tanna adventures - coconut palms along the coastal fringes
Tanna adventures-ManTanna carrying canoes down to the sea
Tanna Adventures-sun setting on the tropical sea
A Tanna carving
horse abound over Tanna and form an essential part of the way of life in Tanna
relaxing in town on Tanna- on a Tanna Adventures Island Tour